There’s Something About AFPSLAI

afpslaiAre you wondering why AFPSLAI is always ahead of any other financial institutions? Well, the answer is simple. It’s all about great foundation, exemplary performance and excellent leadership. The Armed Forces and Police Savings Loan Association, Incorporated or AFPSLAI is the most successful non-stock, non-profit organization existed today. Let’s examine its greatness, shall we?

Update on AFPSLAI

According to the official publication of AFPSLAI, the company reached the highest net income last year and they called it the benchmark year. The President and CEO, LtGen Cardozo M Luna AFP (Ret) announced that the gross income reached Php 7.96 Billion which is 16% higher than the previous gross income on 2011. He proudly announced that the company made a quantum leap towards its financial targets during the 41st Annual Membership Meeting last May 25, 2013. If you have time to visit AFPSLAI office, I suggest you grab a copy of AFPSLAI Bulletin and read other highlights of the company’s great performance.

This is GOOD NEWS!

It means that Filipino soldier investors including other non-military regular and associate members will greatly benefit from this accomplishment. Dividend rates on Capital Contribution Account (CCA) and interest rates on Savings Deposit Account (SDA) might get even higher! We are presently enjoying a high dividend rate every quarter. TAX FREE!

However, we can only deposit a maximum of P30, 000 per quarter to CCA. Unlike before, you can put even up to 1 Million in CCA!

Today, CCA limit for regular members is 3M while associate member’s CCA limit is 1M.

The latest dividend rate is 3.75% last 2nd quarter of this year with a total rate of 15% per annum.

That means, if you have P500, 000 in your CCA- you will get:

P75, 0000 (excluding accumulated dividends) after the end of the year

You will have additional 6.67% of your actual capital! You can never get this from other financial institutions!

You will have P18, 750 every quarter or P6, 250 a month!

Other Important Matters

There are also important approved proposed amendments on the existing By-Laws of the organization which you might want to know. In Article II Section about membership, it is stated that associate members consist of legitimate spouse and legitimate children of regular married members.

On the approved proposed amendment, they removed the term “legitimate” to children.

Another approved proposed amendment can be found on Article IV about Disposition of Unclaimed Balances.

*** Capital Contributions, Savings Deposits and dividends of deceased members left unclaimed including dormant savings deposits of those members who have not made further deposits or withdrawals; and credits and other payables which remain outstanding for ten years or more shall form part of the income of the Association, unless otherwise provided by law.

Note: It will only be implemented upon the approval of Bangko Sentral ng Pipilinas (BSP) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Important Notice to Members

They also announced that AFPSLAI resumes declaration of Quarterly dividends until January 2, 2014.

However, next year, they will shift to annual distribution of net income to the members as compliance to BSP Circular 789 Series of 2013 requiring all Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations (NSSLAs) to distribute net income to members once in a calendar or fiscal year. Fortunately, it was deferred after AFPSLAI Management requested for a one year moratorium of the implementation of the circular. It’s a good move from the management because it will be difficult for members to adjust.

By the way, I’ve heard rumors that some commercial banks were complaining about the status of AFPSLAI. As a result, BSP intervened to put some controlling measures. Well, a typical commercial bank time deposit interest rates only ranges from 0.8% to 1.8% including withholding tax per year. Union Bank has the highest interest rate with 1.85% rate per annum followed by PNB with 1.65% interest rates per annum.

They will surely complain. AFPSLAI can generate more than thrice the rate of commercial banks in one quarter!

Finally, even though BSP issued Circular 789 Series of 2013, AFPSLAI will continue soaring high and be the best financial institution in the Philippines. Kudos to the CEO and Board of Trustees! Indeed, there’s something about AFPSLAI.

*** AFPSLAI was established on December 1, 1972 with a starting capital of P950, 000 only. The organization is registered under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). It is categorized as a non-bank financial intermediary. Their total asset reached more than P50 Billion with a total membership of more than             450, 000. The Chairman of the Board is our present Chief of Staff, Gen Emmanuel T Bautista, AFP.***

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