My name is Ranger Perots. Obviously, that’s not my real name and it’s up to you if you would like to know more about me. Seriously?! Well, I hope you wouldn’t.

Chocolate Hills of Albay with the spectacular background of Mt. Mayon

Trekking at the Chocolate Hills of “Albay” not Bohol with the spectacular background of Mt. Mayon!

I’m a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines from the best branch of service Ooh! Army! Anyway, that’s what I know since my cadetship at the Philippine Military Academy.

When I get so stressed up doing nothing, which is normally happening most of the time (not really!), I have the urge to write. Fortunately, I was able to learn making my own blog. So here I am,  wandering in the vast wilderness of the Blogosphere.

I’m just inspired to write because I want to share stories. Soldier’s life is hard but fulfilling. I want to inspire people, especially my fellow soldiers who might need some motivation to continue to serve the Filipino people. The soldiers who are in combat duty without the luxury of time with their families and sadly, most of them are suffering due to poor financial health. It greatly affected their families and performance of their duties. In short and simple language, gusto ko lang talagang mambola lalo na kapag wala akong ginagawa!

To continue my pambobola: because of these soldiers’ problems, they became a pain in the arse! Well, it’s really hard to manage these men if they do have a lot of financial problems. I’m sure makaka relate kayo sakin. Kapag mahirap ng utusan, ang bagal kumilos dahil wala na yatang S/A (Subsistence Allowance) tapos taga London pa (Loan dito, Loan doon) hindi na nya alam kung saan kukuha ng makain at minamalas na sa Mess Sgt at sa Misis nya dahil wala ng pambili ng gatas. Di ba, maraming ganyan? Galit na naman si First Sgt, inubos na naman ang talbos ng kamoteng tinanim malapit sa bunkers nya.

Another thing, marami ng budik budik na sundalo. Buchalo eh sarap banatan ang crispy pata at litson manok during socials then sabayan pa ng malamig na San Mig Lights. Sarap!! Ayun, pagdating ng Physical Fitness Test, panic mode na at pag minalas talaga, ayun bagsak, remedial na naman under the scrutinizing eyes of the Personnel from Special Service Office. Due to these perennial problems, I would also like to share healthy living tips. Indeed, health is really our wealth. In addition, technology nowadays is evolving fast. I would also like to feature gadgets for soldiers.

The rest of the topic will be anything under the sun! Sky’s the limit as long as hindi tumaob kaldero natin. You know what I mean then I would suggest for us to have a healthy discussion. Also, I won’t tackle issues on Militics (Combination of Military and Politics) – dangerous topic. I also added a topic about career development. This will comprise more about information on career courses as posted in our official website. Interaction is highly encouraged on my blog.

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  1. Melvin Hermoso says:

    Sir, magandang araw! Natutuwa ako dahil sa blog mong ito. Tamang-tama lahat ang mga sinasabi mo dito lalo na sa financial status ng ating mga tropa at talagang totoo na malaki ang epekto nito sa kanilang performance sa trabaho. i will share your blog sa iba ko pang tropa na kakilala. Maybe I could also contribute dito kasi may pagkahilig din ako sa pagsusulat. More powers to you and to all followers :-)

    • Hi Melvin,

      Thanks for that generous comment! I’m happy that this blog reached you. Actually, that’s really my goal. I would like to help our fellow soldiers improve their financial health and performance in their duties.

      It’s good to know that you also like to write. I can post your article here. Just send it to my email address. Take care and more power to you! 😉

  2. Well, this blog is somewhat informative, especially for citizens who don’t know any better with regard to the realities of a regimented life, including the horrors of war. keep the information coming and let others learn of what it is like to be a warrior in the battlefield.

    • Hi Maricris,

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m so glad you discovered my blog. It’s an honor to have a Philippine Daily Inquirer staff giving great feedback!

      • You’re welcome! Actually, Sir Charly Holganza’s blog led me to this website. I was a fan of Ms Gail Tan Ilagan’s dissertation/book entitled “War Wounded” and I’ve heard Sir Holganza was one of those who made it possible. Please read more of Inquirer stories, especially those I’ve written :)

  3. Hi Maricris,

    Sir Charly Holganza’s blog is one of my inspirations. Of course, he’s my upperclassman. LOL! 😀 Anyway, I’ve read your news stories in PDI. It’s so interesting. Actually, I like it! I wonder how many researchers you have for one story. I’m just curious.

    • Thanks Ranger Perots! Researchers? Do you mean sources? For each raw story (unedited), we do our own research/legwork that includes doing interviews of sources (of info), cross-checking/fact-checking, and of course covering the event itself. It’s the editors who decide whether additional infos are needed during editing. That’s where our PDI researchers come in.

  4. Pogi says:

    Hi Ranger Perots! Thank you for the information regarding our financial institutions especially in providing some useful tips (anchored on experience) on financial management. Keep uo the good work!

  5. jhun lang says:

    This is a nice blog. I agree that a lot of soldiers including me needs advice specially when it comes to being financially literate and subsequently being a soldier with financial freedom. A soldier must be financially, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically healthy so that he can perform well and become a better soldier and a person…

  6. mayet says:

    haha..natuwa ako sa blog mo.may pagka witty, informative at me sense of humor ka sir..hehehe.more blogs pls.

    • Hi Mayet,

      Thanks a lot! Actually medyo nagiging seryoso na mga topics eh hehe Anyway, I will keep on posting hanggat may time at may gustong magbasa.

      Pa blog blog muna pag may time! 😉

  7. Snappy Sir, nice blog..share ko na satropa ko.
    From Vendetta 162. ung nag payong sa Test Mission natin sa Jolo.. ..hehheeh

  8. Hi Ranger Perot,

    I chanced upon your blog when I was looking for references on the Philippine Scout Ranger. I saw the History Channel documentary on the Rangers, and I was very impressed on the training (especially the part when they/you had to go a whole week without sleep. Navy Seals still had a cumulative five-hour sleep).

    But what struck me was your knowledge on financial management. You see, I’m a financial advisor myself. A Registered Financial Planner and a Certified Investment Solicitor. And like you, I also love writing (I used to run a blog called The Wealth Warrior but it was hacked years back), and sharing what I know to the public through articles and seminars.

    I hope we can correspond more. I would love to learn from you too.

    More power to you and your blog!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Ken,

      First of all, I highly appreciate your positive comments regarding this blog. Thank you very much. With regards to the Scout Ranger Training, yeah, it’s really a tough one. I never thought I could survive every minute of it especially during the hell week. I felt like I’m one of the zombies in the Walking Dead series. LOL! :-) Anyway, it’s good to hear that a Registered Financial Planner and a Certified Investment Solicitor noticed this simple blog. Sad to hear that your website was hacked few years back. Well, you could start a new one. Also, you’re welcome to post some articles here. Just contact me any time thru my email address.

      Thanks again and more power to you!

      Kindest regards,

      Ranger Perots

  9. Intelligent Little Lady says:

    Good day, sir!

    As usual, I was researching about certain financial matters, PAFCPIC to be specific, when I stumbled upon your blog. Just wanted to let you know that your blog is very informative and most, if not some, of your tips/advice here are very similar to what financial experts give. I hope you’ll blog again despite being in the Division. :)


  10. Aya says:

    I am so happy I came across your blog, sir. I though I wasnt going to see a senior officer who is as passionate as I am to the things I love (financial education and fitness) and loves writing as well! Thank you for keeping me/us informed; definitely bookmarking your blog. Bravo Zulu sir. :)

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