AMWSLAI in Deep Trouble Again

AMWSLAI LogoI heard a lot of Filipino soldiers complain about AMWSLAI products and services. Honestly, I didn’t have any interest in that military financial institution. Until one day, I became curious so I went to their office at Bayani Road, Taguig City near AFPSLAI and PAFCPIC offices. By the way, AMWSLAI stands for Air Materiel Wings Savings and Loans Association Incorporated. It was a former Philippine Air Force cooperative then later developed into a big savings and loan association. Now, they accepted applicants from other branch of service including Philippine Army and Navy.  They also included members of the Philippine National Police or PNP. There are more or less P14 Billion savings fund coming from the members of this financial institution.

My AMWSLAI Experience

When I went inside their office, the first thing I observed was that the employees were totally disorganized. It seemed that they don’t have a good operations management. Papers were scattered all over their desk. Totally Chaos! Only one personnel was tasked to entertain members and would-be members that time. It’s far from the services of AFPSLAI and PAFCPIC. I sat beside an Army Sergeant who was assigned somewhere in Northern Luzon. While waiting, I asked him if the services are great. As I’ve expected, he warned me not to avail for loan. He had a bad experience about it. He went there to pay the whole amount of his remaining loan balance. The interest is so high, he told me. He felt like he was being robbed the whole time his salary is being deducted. He looked so agitated. After that discussion, I waited for almost two hours. I became impatient! A woman approached me and asked me if I wanted to loan. My goodness! It was a loan fixer! She told me that she could help me avail loan fast. The Army Sergeant whispered to me that there will be a payment by not more than 10% of the principal loan amount to the fixer. Something was really fishy. Finally, I was called by one of the employees. I asked him if I could apply as a member of AMWSLAI and if I could open for an account for Capital Contribution. He told me that they don’t accept Capital Contributions anymore but I could avail for loans. What the heck! Anyway, he gave me the number of their office so that I could constantly check if they will be open for Capital Contribution applications. It was really frustrating. I didn’t stop there. I investigated some more.

Problems of AMWSLAI

I researched the whole day and I found out that there’s a leadership crisis happening in that military financial institution since 2004. There’s a serious friction between the group of Col. Ricardo Nolasco Jr. and retired Col. Luvin Manay. The group of Col. Ricardo Nolasco Jr. including Thaddeus Estalilla, Morado Mercado, Ismael Abad, Ricardo Perido, Angel Tapac, Antonio Gumba and Cesar Toledanes, were elected as new members of the Board of Trustees last January 18, 2008. Previously, the group of retired Col. Luvin Manay questioned the legality of the election. As a result, the Supreme Court released a decision to “holdover members until the elections and proclamation of winners in a valid, lawful and orderly elections.”

That’s the leadership tug-of-war happened within AMWSLAI.

To give you a brief background of the conflict, Col. Luvin Manay was the former president of AMWSLAI. He was questioned by the BSP regarding the P16 Million AMWSLAI funds deposited in his personal account. My goodness! Consequently, the BSP suspended him and his cohorts. That’s when the group of Col. Ricardo Nolasco Jr. entered the scene. They wanted to have a new leadership. While the former president was under suspension, they conducted election. Eventually, dispute was resolved. The group of Col Ricardo Nolasco Jr. have won the case in the Supreme Court.

New Controversy Involving AMWSLAI

Adding insult to injury, I’ve just read the latest news that AMWSLAI was once again put in the limelight. According to the PDAF Scam whistle-blower Benhur Luy, Janet-Lim Napoles has more than P500 Million deposited  in AMWSLAI which made it possible through the assistance of the President and Chairman of the Board, Col. Ricardo Nolasco Jr.

Napoles is not even a member of the AFP or PNP! What was her role in AMWSLAI? This must be further investigated. I believe members who invested a lot of hard-earned money were getting jittery now. One piece of advice, never invest in a company that doesn’t have good reputation. Scared as shit? You should be!

I remembered the employee who told me that the company won’t accept applications for capital contributions. Of course! There’s a lot of money coming from the likes of Janet-Lim Napoles! Never mind investing to this company!

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27 Responses to AMWSLAI in Deep Trouble Again

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  3. joe visaya says:

    any update sir regarding amwslai? parang walang website ang amwslai? any feedback is highly apreciated sir..I’m an ex member of AFP and still member of amwslai but residing abroad.

    • Hello Joe,

      Sadly, you’re right. There’s no existing AMWSLAI website so we could not really know the status of this military lending institution. I’ve heard from some of my upperclassmen that it is still under investigation. Anyway, I will do my best to get more information. I will post it so others will also be informed.

      Best Regards,


  4. Liza Cortez says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have a few question regarding AMWSLAI, and leaving this unanswered is constantly bugging me and my hubby. Our situation goes like this, my father-in-law is a retired member of the PNP who died last 2010 and transferred part of the loan payable to my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law was allowed by AMWSLAI to make new loan and since times were really hard, she did apply for a new loan. AMWSLAI keeps insisting that my hubby(the son) should sign as a guarantor and that he need not worry because it is just a mere formality. But the problem is, my mother-in-law died after a year or two, and this left my husband in the dark. He couldn’t sleep anymore because we do not know how to settle this, we are both trying to make ends meet and we don’t have much left to pay for the loan balance. Its been years now and I think no one from the family had time to secure a copy of her death certificate to the PNP where she receives half of my father-in-law’s pension. Sir, please, could you enlighten us on this matter? We need more information. I really hope you could help us on this. It’s too late for us to regret having loaned in this company, and I really really wish we didn’t have to. Thank you.

    • Hi Liza,

      I’m sorry to hear that. Well, the liability of your husband as guarantor cannot be avoided but if there is a pending case for the settlement of your mother-in-law’s estate, then AMWSLAI should participate in the said case as claimant so that they no longer need to pursue payment from your hubby as guarantor.

      Maybe it’s best to seek advice from a lawyer who can more effectively define or determine the scope of liability of your husband based on the terms of the contract.

      I hope this helps.



  5. Liza Cortez says:

    Thank you for that sound advice, sir. Merry Christmas and God bless.

      • Emmanuel Librero says:


        Good Day!

        I am a former military man in the Philippine Army but I left the service on 2007 and migrated in the US already with my wife. I was not a member of AMWSLAI and now I am wondering if I could still be a member of that institution?If yes?How? I am planning to enlist in the reservist and process my papers there.If ever I will become a reservist can I be a member of AMWSLAI?I need your reply Sir.Thank you very much.

  6. Mackey wara says:

    Do you know a soldier name master seargent jonathan abarca.he also undergo training last august and he was sent to maguindanao.

  7. Reply to Emmanuel

    You can be a member of AMWSLAI if you are a retiree in the AFP. You must be either in the active service or a retiree to be able to apply. Unfortunately, reservists are not qualified to become a member.

  8. buddy alcaras says:

    is marie grace tolentino-manay a legit employee of awmslai?

  9. violeta gacuma . aunt says:

    i am inguring the death claim of Survivor pensioner virggilia estologas, children death claim.
    resuirements were sent through cdo brance by lbc,
    pls notify us the status
    my cell number is 09284064972



  10. Keilz Lagota says:

    in the current situation, is it still advisable to invest in amwslai? my father just retired two months ago and he plans to invest some of his money there, but after reading your article, i’m afraid of what could happen to his hard-earned money.

  11. Michael reyes says:

    I just had a loan released from amwslai, the loan amount is 140,600 but my net is only 106,751.80 bec of the charges and deductions. Their service fee is 23,199.00 most likely equivalent to the interest amount. So in two years ill be paying 6717.46 na aabot more or less 160k. So sad!!! I couldnt sleep well for a couple of days thinking ang mahal ng servie fee. Is this reasonable? Please somebody answer me.

  12. javanesanyos says:

    Totoo yan. May kalokohan jan sa AMSLAI. Para kumita patatagalin nilang iforward sa Finance ang authority to deduct o billing pra makakubra sila ng penalty at interest sa penalty. Ako one year na di nagbilling. Kanina lng nagcheck ako dahil alam ko 2 mos n lng ang utang ko na nasa 18k n lng. Nagulat ako ng may 212k pa daw ang balance ko. Sabi nila di daw ako nakabayad ng one year. Ay putik eh payroll deduction yan automatic ang bayad. Kaya ayan babayaran ko ang perang di ko pinakinabangan. Makasuhan nga ang AMSLAI ng pandaraya.

    • Fatma rasad says:

      Grabe talaga ang pandaraya ng AMSLAI wala silang awa sa mga myembro na niloloko nila ang laki ng interest na sinisingil nila tapos ilang taon nagsasacrifice ung tao pagbabayad pero walang nababawas sa loan nila kasi puro interest lang ang pinupuntahan ng pera na dinideduct sa kanila ng ilang taon sana matulongan ng gobyerno ang mga myembro na matigil ang ganitong kalakaran ng AMSLAI

      • Mr kupits says:

        Isa din po kmi s nloko nla…Sana mn lng my matatanggp tyong mga incentives s knla like pafci and afpslai….

  13. Striker'82 says:

    y man,

    By looking at your pic it looks like that I am more senior by age and class. LoL But let me tell you that I would like to commend you for a blog well done. It’s really nice to have a site for AFP personnel so we can chit-chat and bolalize.

    I am very much aware of the gripes and problems of our soldiers, I was once just like everybody but just got lucky to get very good paying job here in the States. I was a field grade officer when I left the service.

    I will always cherish the memories and experiences while I was in the service. Very rare can you find a soldier who did not apply for a LOAN mower. I am sure nobody will beat me in applying for one.because I was able to apply for an AMWSLA LOAN even before I took my oath as a 2LT LoL walang photo I.D. all I showed was a memeograph copy (wala pang printer that time) of our appointment orders as regular officers. Nakakakatawa talagang isipin. Iyong ibang mga Mistah’s were very surprised that I got one and sunod-sunod na cla.umutang din. LoL very funny right!! May Padrino kasi ako sa AMWSLA then. lahat ng Loan mower na utangan ko na. pati bombay sa talipapa ng VAB pinag tiagaan ko na. Life was really a hand to mouth existence but I was happy with my young and beautiful wife and 2 small children I rented an small room from our Sgt Maj’s house. I found comfort in my thoughts of serving the Filipino nations. I was a PAL engineer before I joined the PAF and had the chance to work for Saudi Airlines. But I answered my calling to the service of the nation.

    Realizing this hardship in life, me and my wife decided to sponsor a 4 yr scholarship for the children of those personnel.who were WIA or KIA.

    I hope to meet you one day when I will get home.

    More power to you and your blog.


  14. Striker'82 says:

    What is the current interest rate of AMWSLA?

  15. Striker'82 says:

    I know both Ric Nolasco and Manay from my Air Force days. We use to drink a lot at the old barangay beer house under the PAF gym owned by mommy the korean lady. She always gives use free kimchi for pulutan. I have heard that Ric owns a resort in the north. If this was legally acquired then I hope he can invite me to visit this place. My advise sa mga sundalo hwag kau umutang if its not between life and death. I am talking by ezperience

  16. miles 03 says:

    hi sir, i am an active member of BFP and a member of AMWSLAI. They have this BMM (Bawat Myembro Protektado) Special Savings Program. They are convincing me to enroll or be part of this BMM> It is an insurance plan with varried maturity value as high as 1.5M and the lowest is 500 K for a period of 15 years monthly contribution.. I would like to solicit for your opinion on this Special Savings Program that they are offering to their members…

  17. Argielle says:

    Ano po ba ang latest loan interest ng AMSWLAI? Like for exmaple sa Consumption Loan po kc, halos times two po ang interest sa loan amount ng husband ko.


  18. Mr kupits says:

    My I know,lhat vha na my loan sa amwslai may matatanggp vha n incentives or khit mng blessing sa afpslai at pafci

  19. Penpa Monreal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am not a member of this firm but honestly speaking my cousin’s husband died last December 10, 2016. His husband is PNP in the name of Gabriel Pada Lago. She made a thorough effort in claiming life insurance in behalf of his husband and burial benefits. In fact, she had already submitted all the necessary documents needed hereto but sad to say until this moment there is no release of funds happen.

    Would you mine to ask assitance from you about this matter? please reply to this email address given for further verification and clarification.

    Thank you very much. Hoping to hear from you soon.
    God bless.

    Sincerely yours,

    penpa monreal

  20. Yehc says:

    Hi. I have few questions with regards to my fathers loan.
    He was a member for more than 20 years and a borrower. He had 3 lines of loan, the 3rd line was released january 2014 and apparently he died in November 2014. We went to Amwslai to send all the requirements for death claims but they told us that there will be no death claims anymore since my father still has a loan that year. From what i knew about this loan thing once your a member or a borrower for more than a year your loan will be zero. They took the money on my fathers saving accounts too and life insurance just to pay for the loan. Also they did not inform us for the mutual fund benefits that they deduct every month on my fathers salary. Please enlighten me. Thanks!

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