Another Military Officer Killed in the Battle of Zamboanga

2LT MenesesAnother hero has fallen today. He’s the 2nd Philippine Army officer who died fighting the renegade Misuari MNLF faction in Zamboanga City. He belongs to PMA “Laon-alab” Class of 2011. He’s a member of the elite 7th Scout Ranger Company of 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion. The prestigious 7SRC is tasked to conduct clearing operations in Brgy Sta. Catalina, Zamboanga City. He was wounded last Sept 21 and died after two days in Zamboanga City Hospital. His parents are working abroad as OFWs. Like the late 1lt John Kristopher Rama, his upperclassman who died few days earlier, he’s also a native of Bulacan.

I sincerely give my deepest condolence to his family.

He died fighting so that others may live.

Second Lieutenant Florencio Mikael Meneses

Your sacrifice will never be forgotten!

You are the hero of the Filipino people!

Scout Rangers lead the way!

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2 Responses to Another Military Officer Killed in the Battle of Zamboanga

  1. carmelo says:

    sir, pa2long naman pong makapasok sa phil. army….kah8 sa scout ranger lng poh…

    • Hello Carmelo,

      You can check the website of the Philippine Army for more details. They have the schedule of exams. Also, please check this website-

      You cannot become a Scout Ranger if you’re not a member of the Philippine Army. Scout Ranger is just a specialization course offered to those who want to become one of the elite combatants in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

      Best Regards,


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