PAFCPIC Update 2015

If you’re one of the soldier investors of the Philippine Army who keeps on enjoying the fruits of your PAFCPIC’s capital contribution, I’m sure this update will be more shocking to you. Actually, this post is kinda late but I really think it’s very important for all members. I assume you’ve already read my latest post regarding PAFCPIC for CY 2014. I hope you’ve made necessary changes on your investment portfolios last year. Now, hold on to your seat because this update will be a game changer.

Total Elimination of Preferred Savings Deposit

Several months ago, I went to the office of PAFCPIC at Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija to have my passbook updated. I grabbed one “PAFCPIC Balita”, their official publication and turned it to the first page. Well, it actually got my whole attention. The first page was the only page I’ve read!


I can’t believe it! No more Preffered Savings Deposit (Blue Passbook) on the 1st day of October this year. All the money you’ve invested on PSD will be automatically transferred to Regular Savings Deposit (Green Passbook) with an annual dividend rate ranging from only 3% to 3.75% compared to PSD which is 15% per annum. I never thought this is going to happen. Is PAFCPIC falling apart? I expected that there will be a gradual reduction of PSD dividend rate but not its total elimination. Oh well, that’s life. I wonder if they will also eliminate the Share Capital (Stocks) of its members.

Deposit Ceiling of Preferred Savings Deposit

If you’re not aware of the deposit ceiling they’ve implemented, take note of this information. January 1, 2015: the deposit ceiling was reduced from P350,000 to P250,000. April 1 2015: it was further reduced from P250,000 to P150,000. July 1, 2015: from 150,000 to P50,000. October 1, 2015: P50,000 to 0. There will only be two (2) deposit accounts that will be retained: the PSD and Time Deposit.

Good News for Borrowers

Anyway, there’s still good news for those who want to avail PAFCPIC loans. According to the publication, they reduced the interest rates effective January 2015. By the way, if you want to borrow money, spend it wisely guys. If you have more questions, you may contact BENJAMIN GABRIEL for PSD and SEGUNDO LANUZA for loan interest rates at Tel Nr. (02)-844-9010 local 311 and 207

One piece of advice, it’s time to move on and seek for better investment opportunities. Bye PAFCPIC! Thank you very much!

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2 Responses to PAFCPIC Update 2015

  1. Do the cooperative declared dividend for this year? How can I inquire the amount of my dividend if there is?

  2. Angel Garcia says:

    How about my friends investment from the year 1995,he has deposit 7580 at that year then until now he didn’t yet he still have his money with interest from the year 1995 till present…

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