Updates on AFPSLAI 3rd Quarter 2013

AFPSLAI As usual, AFPSLAI is still doing excellent on the third quarter of 2013 but slightly fell compared last quarter. When I went to their office at Bayani Road, Taguig City in front of PAFCPIC, I found out that they declared a 3.5% dividend rate on the 3rd Quarter. Last 2nd Quarter of 2013, AFPSLAI declared a 3.75% dividend rate.

That means, if you have Php 100, 000.00 as Capital Contribution, you’ll have a dividend of Php 3, 500.00. If you have Php 500, 000.00, you’ll get Php 17, 500.00 and if you have 1M, you’ll get Php 35, 000.00 in just 3 months!!! Where can you get such a high dividend rate? Only in AFPSLAI my friend! Only in the Armed Forces of the Philippines!

BTW, there are no changes regarding the maximum contribution which is Php 10, 000.00 per month. Here’s a catch! It will only apply if you make transactions Over-The-Counter. Now, if the contribution is automatically deducted from your salary, you can make your monthly contribution to Php 20, 000.00 a month! Fastest way to  get rich eh?!


Also, AFPSLAI is announcing that effective January 1, 2014, as approved by the BSP, dormancy fee on Savings Deposit Account (02, 07 and 09) will be increased from Php 10.00 to Php 50.00 per month. Dormant accounts refer to accounts with no deposit or withdrawal transactions for a period of 24 months or two (2) years.


There’s also a notice to AFP Pensioners based on AFP Finance Center directive. It says that all modes of pension delivery to be through Land Bank of the Philippines. That means, AFPSLAI will no longer transfer Pension Advance facility beginning this November (for December 2013 pension)


AFPSLAI will be implementing a new IT system starting on December 2, 2013, Monday. Due to some adjustments, they announced that front-line transactions may take longer than usual. On November 29, 2013 (Friday) Tellering, Membership and Loan Transactions will be up to 11:00 AM only. Please take note.


AFPSLAI new website

AFPSLAI new website 2

AFPSLAI new website

AFPSLAI is proudly announcing their new website (http://afpslai.com.ph/). Once again, they are making everything so easy for their members. If you would like to loan but you can’t go to their office to check how much how much you’re going to pay for monthly amortization, then you can check their new website and tick on the “loan calculator”. It’s really easy!

AFPLSAI Loan Calculator

AFPLSAI Loan Calculator

There’s a saying that if you want to know the status of a company whether it’s doing great or lagging behind, just check the website and you’ll get all the answers. Happy investing to all of you!

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16 Responses to Updates on AFPSLAI 3rd Quarter 2013

  1. Gloria Orense De Guzman says:

    gud am ma’am/sir ask ko lang po kung pwede na akong mag renew sa Dec 2013. tnx Gloria O De Guzman CE PAF

  2. :a:dan says:

    There’s also a notice to AFP Pensioners based on AFP Finance Center directive. It says that all modes of pension delivery to be through Land Bank of the Philippines. That means, AFPSLAI will no longer transfer Pension Advance facility beginning this November (for December 2013 pension)..how be it if the pensioner/recipient is out of the country? and no account with land bank

  3. Hello Dan,

    I’m also thinking the same thing. I will try to find out how it is possible for those recipients outside the country to open an account in LBP. Anyway, have you heard about LANDBANK iAccess? Try visit their site, maybe you can enroll for an account even without an existing account in LBP.

  4. Yes sir, good morning same question how we could comply this new directive coz I’m here in Qatar
    My schedule of going home is on April 2014 .
    Please I need your advice ASAP in order to comply the new directive .
    Thanks and regards

  5. Jeff says:

    Gud pm ho kelan ho bigayan ng dividend?

    • Hi Jeff,

      The dividend payout will be done once a year. It is based on annual distribution of net income to the members as compliance to BSP Circular 789 Series of 2013 requiring all Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations (NSSLAs) to distribute net income to members once in a calendar or fiscal year. It was implemented last January 2014.

      Best Regards,

      Ranger Perots

  6. albin says:

    mam just like PAFCPIC kailan kau magrerelease ng rebates or refunds…

  7. leslie says:

    i have a question. can i be an associate member of AFPSLAI even if my father (ex soldier, currently working in UAE) is not a member of AFPSLAI? if not, is there any other way to be a member of it?

    • Hi Leslie,

      Is your father an active retiree-pensioner? If yes, then you are qualified to become an associate member. You must be at least 21 years old and presently employed.

      Best Regards,

      Ranger Perots

  8. rj says:

    can i withdraw even without my passbook? or can i know wats my account number?

    • Hi rj,

      You can’t withdraw without your passbook but you can ask for your account number once you visit their office. Just present your valid ID.

      Kindest Regards,

      Ranger Perots

  9. jof says:

    How about if my father already passed away last year 2014 and my mom is the one receiving pension right now? Can i still apply myself to be an associate member? How? Please help…

  10. Anne says:

    We need advise:
    My dad retired from Army. We just learned about his account now that he is confined in the hospital. My nephew told me that he and my mom tried to withdraw from the account last year (since my mom was named in joint account) during my dad’s first hospitalization. They were not able to withdraw money since they need power of attorney.

    I just need to know what to prepare and where to go first before I bring my mom along specially she is already 81 years old and mobility impaired.

    I am hoping that someone is still monitoring this site.

  11. shenna says:

    Hello. I have a question regarding new accounts in AFPSLAI for immediate family of soldiers. My father is a soldier but he died in 1991.my mom has a account in AFPSLAI. I also would like to open an account. Is it possible? Also, what are the rates for that savings account (family members of soldier). Thanks.

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