What is the Scout Ranger Song?


musang scout ranger



We strike! We who are happy and free

Birds of a feather, we flatter together

Scout Rangers of fortune are we


We sing! Greeting the night with a song

Laughing at danger, we fight like a panther

We conquer our hardships away


Shadows to hide us

And bright stars to guide us

The night we roam

No one can find us

Wherever we choose to roam

 We ride! (Hep!) march! (Hep!) creep! (Hep!) crawl! (Hep!)

Silently in the jungle


Scout Rangers of fortune are we

Seeking and fighting and laughing and loving

Scout Rangers of fortune are we

 1, 2, 3 Rangers!

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3 Responses to What is the Scout Ranger Song?

  1. Joel L. Signe says:

    Thank you so much for providing us a copy of this song,..I really wanted to now the lyrics of this song,..even i am not a singer but because of my heartily support to our troops who were in marawi now,..i want to show them my deepest sympathy even only through this song.

  2. Amelia D. Borres says:

    Thanks po sa copy ng we strike.
    Request ng Lolo naming n mag bday sa
    Nov. 12 2017 na kantahin naming mga apo at apo sa tuhod ang kanta nila nung active pa siya service.
    God Bless po sa lahat ng mga sundalo at magiging sundalo. Salamat ng marami.

  3. Hazel Bautista says:

    Hi Wisefilipinosoldier,

    I would like to know if you can refer any retired or resigned military for our corporate vacancies. 🙂 You may check out our link below for more details, please.



    You may also feel free to contact me below for questions – hazel.bautista@homecredit.ph

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